Yoga Class

Mat Pilates courses

Our specialist physiotherapist, Noëllie, is a fully qualified Pilates instructor.

Pilates can help you as part of your rehabilitation and/or to achieve health related goals. 

We highly recommend the combination of Pilates and Physiotherapy and/or Osteopathy treatment as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

We offer: 

  • One-on-one sessions

These sessions are perfect for those who want to start pilates and will ensure you learn the correct techniques.

They are also ideal if you have any health issues or injuries, as our physiotherapist will be able to adapt the exercises to your needs. 


1hour session: £65


  • Small group classes (3-5 people)

In a group dynamic you will still benefit from personal attention.

We will work on mats and will use small apparatus such as resistance bands, pilates balls and pilates rings etc.