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Lower back pain


At one point in time or another, just about everyone will experience pain in their lower back. The pain can range from mild to more severe. It can be long-lasting or short-lived. Regardless of how it happens, lower back pain can make it difficult to engage in regular activities that you do on a daily basis. Around 80% of the population suffer back pain at some point in their life. It’s very common, and can be very debilitating!

Lower back pain can be acute (very painful), chronic (long lasting), specific, vague, achy, and it can radiate in to the legs as pains, aches or pins and needles eg. Sciatica. Back pain can affect your day-to-day living by limiting sport, affecting doing things around the house, hobbies, or work.

However, there are different treatment modalities such as osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture or a good deep sport massage which can all help to relief the lower back pain and get the freedom you deserve! Hurray!

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