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Marie Juglaret

Marie graduated as a French Children's Nurse 10 years ago in France. 

In January 2019, she launched her company “B comme Baby” in London.

In the meantime, she passed her Maternity Nurse certificate.


Marie provides a range of services such as postnatal care and support, breastfeeding advices, knowledge and evaluation of baby weight as well as specific needs of babies born preterm:  by your side, she will share her skills and tips to cope with all baby issues: feeding, crying, sleeping, colic & reflux...

She offers sleep training, baby massage & sling baby wearing courses as well.

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Eliza Flynn

Eliza is a pre and post-natal personal trainer with additional training under Jenny Burrell, a leading practitioner and educator in women’s health. She is especially invested in helping women feel more confident and strong in their own bodies. Eliza holds group classes and works on an individual basis with clients also. 

Eliza Flynn is a mum of two who soon realised after her first little boy was born that motherhood required more emotional and physical strength than she anticipated! She helps post-natal women understand how their body has changed after pregnancy and birth, determine what’s limiting them and challenging that through mental and physical exercises.


Jevgenija Triantafillu

Throughout her years of training women, Jevgenija has always been aware of how movement can be limited by tightness, postural issues and lack of mobility in areas of the body.

Her additional qualifications in Sports Massage Level 3 Therapist; Soft tissue work on all kind of abdominal scars such as c-section, hysterectomy, oncological abdominal surgeries; Pre & Post Natal Remedial Massage and Kinesio taping; Breast Cancer Rehab Coach- has enabled her to take these skills and use them to help her clients:

  • feel lighter, looser and more mobile

  • relieve pain and tension

  • reduce anxiety and stress

  • sleep better

  • increase their flexibility and move with ease

You can book your session with Jevgenija at My Wellness Centre. 


Margaux Blanchard

French speech therapist (Orthophoniste)

Margaux is a French speech therapist. 

She trained at Haute Ecole de Liège where she obtained her diploma. 

Previously, she worked on communication with disabled kids in a specialized Hospital and also in a school to evaluate kids difficulties.

She then worked in different private practices in France, London and Hamburg. 

Margaux can help with speaking issues, voice issues, diction issues and deglutition issues.


Anna Konovalova

Anna is a fully licensed traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, passionate about her job which has become a way of life.


She started her education in Russia, where she got her first medical degree and has been certified as a neurologist.

During her work as a doctor she noticed that patients who chose acupuncture as an additional method for rehabilitation recovered faster. To treat her patients with greater success she took a course and obtained a diploma in acupuncture at the university and continued working as a neurologist and acupuncture practitioner in the hospital.


Anna moved to London and became part of the Acupuncture Society. Since then she has been helping people with effective treatments against various neurological diseases, as well as diminishing sings of aging, obesity, stress and others. All her treatments adhere to the highest standards of safety and competency.

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