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Osteopathy, Ultrasound, MummyMOT, Medical acupuncture.

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Women's Health,


What is Mummy MOT?


After giving birth, a third of women have weakness in both their tummy and pelvic floor muscles.

The tummy gap is called Diastasis Recti. This can cause back pain, and symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) – associated with pain in the pubic bone.

This instability of weak muscles in several areas can cause a woman to have less control of the bladder and bowel.


Some discomfort in sexual activity can be experienced. The conditions can be improved with MummyMOT treatment, exercises and after care advice.

It is recommended that women have an initial assessment after their 6-8 weeks GP check-up. We also treat women who gave birth several years ago who may still experience a tummy gap, prolapse, painful intercourse, bowel or bladder problems.


Your Osteopath is specialised in women's health/Pre and Post-natal discomfort and can help to remedy with various health issues related to pre and post delivery.

Paediatric and children Osteopathy

Your Osteopath in Clerkenwell at My Wellness Centre can help to remedy your newborn or child with cranial and visceral osteopathy.

  • Osteopaths are statutorily regulated primary healthcare professionals, who work in the private healthcare and/or primary, secondary and tertiary care in NHS settings. 

  • Undergraduate training for osteopaths includes paediatrics

  • Osteopaths are qualified to work with babies and children.

  • Many osteopaths hold specialists post-graduate qualifications in paediatric osteopathy.

  • Osteopaths sometimes work with local health visitors and midwives to help babies to settle down.

  • Osteopaths are trained to screen for medical conditions and will tell you if you need to see another health professional such as your doctor or midwife.

Shoulder Treatment

Musculoskeletal problems 

As well as women's health and paediatric osteopathy, your osteopath can help you with musculoskeletal management of:

  • Low back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Sport injuries

  • Tendinitis/ Tendinopathy

  • Arthritic joint pain

  • Headaches/neck pain

  • TMJ pain (jaw pain)

Please note: We use ultrasound and medical acupuncture in certain cases when necessary for assessment and treatment.

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